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Hello there and thanks for visiting my home page.

            My name is Donna. I'm a 43 year old single mother of 3 (all but one are grown and on their own), which leaves me a lot of time to concentrate on my career. I am very comfortable in front of a computer and do spend most of my time here.

            I love to create, be it painting, drawing, photography, writing or poetry, I do it with passion and what I like to refer to as my own style. Although some may say it to be odd, strange or even a little on the dark side at times, it is mine. I really do believe everyone should express themselves with every part of themselves that is unique,what ever that may be.

           I have just finished getting my AA degree in visual communications. I am ready to step into the real world and make my mark or should I say, brush stroke, finger print and point of view.

            This website will be under constant construction, because I am always changing my mind and am never satisfied with any one look for very long.
I am a creative and always exercising that part of my brain.

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