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                       hello             babydanc.gif (25410 bytes)    
                                                          Hello there   baby    babydanc.gif (25410 bytes)



                      Yea YOU,,,, I'm talkin to you  babydanc.gif (25410 bytes)


                                           You're pretty HOT                     babydanc.gif (25410 bytes)

              Why don't ya just slide on over here next to me


                                                             Lets see what comes up




                         Ooooooo baby, I like that     kiss.gif (9717 bytes)



                    You're very good at this


                       You must have
                  lick.gif (2877 bytes)       done this before



                     OH yea!!!! 
                            That's the way,,,,,

                                    right there

                      babydanc.gif (25410 bytes)


                             Yea BABY !

                tongue.gif (1185 bytes)

                    Come to momma




                       You do know how
                        to bring out the
   devil in me
shedevil.gif (45354 bytes)



                                                             Whoooops !!




                                                                                         I've been disconnected






                                                                                             Sorry bout that




                                                                                        Maybe next time baby







                                                                                          joyofsex.gif (27440 bytes)