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This is my oldest daughter Jennifer and her son Isaiah
Jenn works at The Computer Store,, home of the MAC

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Isaiah is my first grandchild. I do tend to spoil him a bit.
He is two here

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He is three here and a whiz on the Sony Play Station already
His favorites are Crash2 and Gex the Gecko and some game
he calls, car game shooty,,,,hmm what ever : )

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This is my son Jake, he graduated high school top 10% of his class.
He will be going into the airforce this fall, hoping to get into search and rescue.
He wants to jump from planes. Just one more thing for me to worry about,,,lol

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This is my youngest daughter Racheal.
She is into 4H and raises cavies and rabbits
Definitely the animal lover in the family.

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This a link to Racheal's homepage