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In the beginning there was this person who stumbled onto the internet one day. She found it quite fascinating as a way of communicating to the world, her feelings, her humor and herself, as a unique individual. She is just one small voice in a world of many, one small being in the universe, one little piece of the puzzle and the only one of her kind.


She's a dzyner that most often, dresses in red,
She creates these visions, that come from her head.
Though her words and her images may not be fine art,
her thoughts and visions come from her


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 This page explains why I spend so much time online

Just for Fun   
    This one is here to make you smile.

Dzyners Canvas  
     My Portfolio
    (under construction)

Pictures of me

My family
Pictures of my kids

My Eyes
Just some thoughts

My Resume
My resume "du"

My Dreams
Funny as they may be

My kinky side
an experiment

My Poetry 
   Stranger then friction  
  (under construction)

My Friends
near and dear to me

My home page
a few words about myself

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See My Midi Madness Page
(great place to listen and load midis but under construction)

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